A complete tutorial on how to hand wash clothes

Washing clothes by hand is one of the best ways to save huge bills on energy and also make your clothes durable and last longer. Washing with hand indeed prolongs the life of the clothes. With this simple guide on how to hand wash clothes, you can easily start washing the clothes by hand and be the center of attraction.


Like with the washing machine, the foremost thing that you need to do is to sort the different types of clothes by color and texture. This way, you would wash the light colors, dark colors and whites separately. Make sure to check the care label given in the clothes and see if they require lukewarm water or cold water for washing and also try to determine the laundry detergent type required for that particular cloth. Ensure that you add the correct amount of the detergent used for laundry purposes and check out the dosing information. Dissolve the washing detergent properly and make a proper mixture before immersing the clothes into the soapy solution. The clothes that have deep stains in them need to be soaked in the soapy solution for around half an hour, so that the stains are removed. Once soaked, take the clothes and rinse and squeeze them gently in the wash solution, and then put in clear water and wash it at least three or 4 times to remove the soapy feeling completely. After removing the soap from the clothes, wash and dry them immediately. You can save bills by hanging the clothes out on the open or on the terrace, so that they can dry naturally. You need to take care of your hand at the same time. Putting your hand for too long in the soapy solution would create your hand to have blemishes. People with damaged or sensitive skin should take caution while washing clothes with hand and might use rubber gloves as a protection.


Steps to Hand washing certain Fabrics


You might be thinking on how to hand wash clothes made of different fabrics. By following certain points, you can definitely take care of the different fabrics that are used by us regularly.


Delicate fabrics


A pH neutral ‘non enzymated’ laundry detergent is highly recommended as enzymes, brightening agents and bleaches are absent in them.


Modern Fabrics


Most of the modern fabrics can be washed by hand with a liquid or powder detergent. But you need to make sure that you read the label that comes with the cloth properly for washing instructions.


Woolen fabrics


Woolen fabrics are not like other fabrics and tend to shrink when washed. You need to check out the labels on the woolen garment and follow the instructions accordingly. Some woolens are also labeled as ‘only dry clean’ and should be adhered to. As the wools tend to shrink, there are some good liquid detergents available that are available only for woolen clothes.


By understanding the different fabrics, you can easily learn the different steps on how to hand wash clothes.



Hand washing the clothes: Secrets revealed

How many among us bother to read the wash care instructions which are mentioned in the labels when we buy clothes? None perhaps or may be just few of us right. But let me tell you that this is very essential for any individual to keep one’s clothes looking healthy and good. Who would ever want their lovely clothes to be destroyed by one wash? To prevent them from fading or getting a worn look, it is very essential that you follow the instruction and methods to wash for the clothes as in the label. Hand washing is always beneficial for the clothes and to some extent also for the body as well. It provides the body with the much needed exercise which none of us get to do. With the sedentary life style that we lead, very few among us are able to work out properly. This edition would deal with tips and tricks on how to hand wash clothes to get the best results for you.

Hand washing is not some mechanism which one needs to learn, It very simple but has to done systematically to get the best results. The 1st thing which one needs to do is to sort out the clothes on the basis of their types as well as colors if possible. Though this is hectic but if followed then you would be able to increase the life span of your clothes on which you have spend your hard earned bucks. It is very essential that you wash the lighter shades differently from the drawer ones else there might be situations when the color might loosen and come off then the lighter shades clothes would get badly stained by those dark colors.

Next you need to check if there is any specific instruction of the type of wash the cloth requires. For e.g. instructions like if it requires a hot wash or a cold wash or medium one. This is very important that you follow it else you might end in harming the colors of your clothes. Some also have instructions which state that laundry wash required and no hand wash. In such clothes it is advisable that you do not wash them by hand.

The third thing which has to be noted in the level of the detergent that has to be added in the clothes before washing them Adding too much of the detergent would only remove the color of your clothes making them have a faded look. One should ensure that the detergents which are used should be properly dissolved else the clothes would have stains here and there where the solute of the detergent has not dissolved properly.

Next you need to add the clothes which you intend to wash in water. If they have too much of stained then you need to keep them soaked for long hours and then get it washed. While washing ensure that you rinse them properly from the detergent else the detergent particles might stay back and would give you skin allergies. Once the rinsing is done, next you need to squeeze off the water content in them. But when you do this, do not be too harsh, as it again might damage your clothes.

Hope this how to hand wash clothes would have helped you in your burdensome washing endeavor. Try it out; it won’t be a burden anymore.

How to hand wash clothes – Secret Revealed


Washing for instance has been a tough job to many. Washing machine would seem a boon to those who are afraid or do not know the right procedures to wash the clothes manually. The common question they face is ‘How to hand wash clothes’. Washing clothes with hand is the best way to save on energy and money. It has been proved that hand wash clothes are more durable than the ones that are washed on washing machines. Washing with hands is very easy if you understand the different types of clothes and the methods to use during washing.


The first step is to take a sink and fill it with some good detergent. Sink is preferred over the bathtub as the latter uses lots of water and detergent and cost you more money. You need to determine the amount of clothes that would need washing, pour the required amount of water into the sink or bathtub and take the appropriate amount of detergent and add to it to prepare a bubble mixture. Make sure that you do not take too much of the detergent and waste it in the process.


The next step is to fill the bathtub or sink with water. Before doing this, you need to know the garments that are going to be hand washed. Certain garments require cold or hot water and have instructions mentioned on them. You need to follow the instructions accordingly otherwise, you might end up spoiling the cloth and tear it. Once you determine the temperature required for washing the garment, fill the sink or bathtub with water leaving ample room for the clothes to be put in. If you plan to bleach the clothes, like the bed sheet or white shirt, it is the perfect time to add the amount of bleach to water.


The third step is to put the designated garments into the sink or the bathtub. If you find that the clothes are stained deeply, then let it soak in the soapy water for a while. But, ensure that all the clothes are submerged properly in the water. After soaking the clothes, you start kneading them for approximately five minutes each, especially for those with deep stains. After kneading of the clothes is done, you throw the used water of the sink or bathtub down the drain. Next rinse each of the garments under running water until all the soapy feeling in it has been removed completely. Once this is done, wring the clothes gently and carefully, so as not to tear it. Then take the garments and place them in the dryer. If you have ample place with sufficient sunlight, you can save some valuable energy and money on bills by hanging the clothes out in order to dry.


You would see that the clothes are neat and clean after hand washing and you would feel proud to have done it all by yourself. These are the simple steps to ‘How to hand wash clothes’.